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by BBC News Report 15. March 2012 16:27

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by BBC News Team 15. March 2012 14:58

I was the camera man and the director. This was very stressful. As the director I had to make sure every one was on task, everything ran smoothly and what order the filming went in. Its obvious what I did as the cameraman but it was certainly not easy.


I started off by writing up an order an in which the whole show would run. Then I found out what reports everyone was delivering and if it was ready. Then I started filming a few reports. Throughout the rest of the day I was constantly bombarded by questions like “is this good?”, “is that ready for auto cue?”, “has that been filmed?”, “what’s after this?” or “what should I do now?” Sometimes I wanted to bang my head off a wall. But all in all it was a great experience that I’ll never forget.






by BBC News Team 15. March 2012 14:57

Well done boys and girls!

You were all fabulous today and you really did put all your new journalistic skills to the test.  It was great to see you all working together as a team.  From the minute you walked in the door you were ready to go and you didn't let the pace drop for a second. 

What a fabulous day and a real achievement!

From Miss Edmonstone, Miss Bryson and Mrs Meiklem Smile




by BBC News Team 15. March 2012 14:43

When we arrived into the room today I was so nervous, I mean there was so much pressure to get the job done on time. Conor and I started off the day by searching through newspapers and the internet to find some interesting sport news. Conor was doing a main story so it was huge but he was doing only one.


Meanwhile I was finding out quite a few short stories. Once we had all our information we typed it onto a Microsoft word document and then saved it in to the Pupil save area. Then we went onto the internet and copied all of the writing onto an autocue so that we could practise for the filming.


Conor and I spent 30 minutes practising, making sure that we knew it well. Then as it was not our turn to be filmed we asked other people if they needed any help. Unfortunately everyone was practising by now so no one needed us to help.


Then we all held a meeting and we were told that we were running late. So after the meeting Conor and I were told you have to be filmed now. I was getting really excited now because we were going to have the chance to be on TV.   I was also determined not to muck up. Unfortunately that’s exactly what we did because on autocue it was on a too slow pace so Conor and I had to read it really slowly and because of that it sounded terrible. After we were told that if there was time we would be filmed again but if not then it was unlucky. I was so annoyed because we could just have destroyed the whole news day.


Afterwards I was asked to help out with some filming so I had to film Alex and Jenni. When I went back to the news room I heard the best news all day- Conor and I were being allowed to film again! Even better we did it perfectly this time so we had not ruined the whole thing.


Overall I really enjoyed doing the BBC school news group as it was really fun. Also you got to find out all about the news while you did it. I would really recommend doing this as I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did.


By Luca



by BBC News Team 15. March 2012 14:42

Today we have been working hard to produce a News Report. When we first arrived at school today we had to gather information from newspapers and the internet while using some of the new skills that we had learned over the past 10 weeks. Finding out different stories was really interesting. Then we picked out the best stories and started to write out our Report which was a bit difficult because we had to put them into our own words. When we began to practise the nerves really kicked in. Everyone felt pressurised because we had to finish before 2 o clock (with editing) and time was starting to run out. Eventually we started filming and most things were going smoothly. The whole day was successful and everyone is very pleased. We would like to thank Miss Edmonstone, Miss Meiklem and Miss Bryson for supporting us throughout the past 10 weeks and today.



by BBC News Team 15. March 2012 14:35

Today Anna and I were reporting on the Olympics. At the start of the day Anna was searching on the web, while I was searching lots of newspapers. Such as The Independent, The Daily Mail and The Herald. In a wee while we had a lot done and we were one of the first finished.


Anna and I probably had the hardest one, because there was hardly any information in the newspapers about the Olympics. Soon we were practising.  Rather than practising reading from paper, we were told to use an autocue website.  Then I felt like a real reporter!


Anna was saying that there is only one hundred and thirty four days till the Olympics. She was also talking about where the qualifying stages took place. When I came to the filming I was really nervous but I overcame my nerves and did the challenge. I really enjoyed myself and I would tell everyone I know that it’s an amazing experience and you should do it.


By Cameron



by BBC News Team 15. March 2012 14:30

I liked this task as I was reporting on the Napoli vs. Chelsea game but I’d watched the game the night before so it wasn’t that hard to find information and I didn’t have to read off of the laptop or newspaper.

When we started everyone wasn’t sure how we were going present a news bulletin but gradually over the weeks we picked up little pieces of information from videos on the BBC website.

I wasn’t nervous when I had to present the sports news but I think at least one person in the team was. I enjoyed being under pressure and being set a time limit. And it was an enjoyable experience.

If anyone wasn’t sure if they wanted to join the BBC schools news report team then I would definitely recommend this wonderful experience. 

The report is for people who want to dedicate their time to the team and who is committed and on the day you have to start quick and end quick.

Our school is one of over 1000 schools that have taken part in this annual event on the 15th March.   




by BBC News Team 15. March 2012 14:08

Today was the final day of the BBC school news report 2012. Over the past 12 weeks we have been learning how to prepare and present a news story or report. We all went on a trip to the BBC Studios to see how it was done in real life. Today we and over 1000 other schools were making our very own news show.

 At first I was nervous about being in front of the camera and I thought I wouldn’t have enough time to get information but when I began to type up my weather report I knew everything was going to be okay. An hour later I had totally finished my report. I helped film Alex, Jenni and the cross country girls then it was time for me to get filmed. I think I did fine when I was getting filmed but I could have done better by using my hands to point out places on the map. 

  I have loved taking part in the BBC School Report and I think everyone should have the chance to do it because you get to see how much trouble people go to to make and present a news show.




Amber and Anna

by BBC News Team 15. March 2012 14:06

Today at BBC school news report we have been working very hard to complete the final the report. When we first came in this morning we gathered all our information together to finish each report. Then once we put together our reports we typed them up on autocue, which was really helpful for the recording. We practised over and over again so we didn’t mess up in the filming. Throughout the day everyone felt nervous, excited and under pressure as we had to finish it by 2 o’clock (with editing). We would like to thank Miss Edmonstone, Miss Bryson and Mrs Meiklem for helping us and supporting our ideas. We would also like to Mr Anderson for doing all the technical side of things.     


Journalists Hard at Work

by BBC News Team 15. March 2012 10:19


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