Orchestras & Bands 2016 - 2017

Wednesday, 22 June 2016 13:00 by langforda

From August 2016 we will be introducing a new structure for orchestras and bands so that pupils and parents can see a clear pathway for progression from the very first year of learning right through to leaving school.

  • The "Kick Start Orchestra" and "Kick Start Band" will provide opportunity for complete beginners to learn the basics of playing in an ensemble as well as making new friends.
  • After the first year of learning, pupils will progress to the Primary Orchestra or Primary Band. 
  • As pupils reach P7, they may be invited to join the Junior Orchestra or Junior Band which will largely be made up of pupils from the junior phase of secondary school. 
  • In the senior phase of school, pupils may be invited to play in the Senior Orchestra or Senior Bands.
  • Please click here to see a diagram of the pathway.

There will, of course, be additional ensembles eg. string quartets, saxophone quintets, guitar ensembles. 

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Where to find your teacher 2016 - 2017

Monday, 25 June 2012 09:50 by langforda
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
D.Studio         Mrs Kerr
L.Zone Mr Lowe Mr Mackay      
MP1 Mr Langford Mr Langford Mr Langford Mr Langford Mr Langford
MP4 Mr Mansfield  Mr Cowling Miss Caldwell Miss Caldwell Mr Archibald
MP5 Mrs McLean Mrs McLean Miss Scott Mrs Griffiths Miss MacIntyre
MP6 Ms Spears Miss Neilson Miss Neilson    
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